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Tuesday, 20 March 2018

United States is concerned about insecurity in BC and remains alert: Consul of Tijuana.

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Ensenada, Baja California.- The permanency of Baja California on insecurity alert issued by United States, the slowness of the border crossings were themes discussed by the Consul General of the United States in Tijuana, Andrew S. E. Erickson.

Yesterday, during his visit to Ensenada, the American Diplomat referred to the theme of insecurity in the state entity.

He made it clear that Mexico’s theme insecurity is always a concern and for that reason remains on alert for the American citizens.

“Our alert identifies danger sites of each state. Baja California Sur has not any alert. Baja California is more complicate because it still remains in concern”, he said.

Asked if this is about a perception issue, consul reported that “perception always is in based of facts”.
At the same time he recognized efforts of Governor, Secretary of Public Security and local authorities. He mentioned that places like Ensenada receives all kind of visitors.

“They have cruise tourists that arrive during the day, and this people want security during the day that they are in Ensenada. Tourist that stay one week, want security during that time and those people that spent more time, want to know if their rights will be respected”, he considered.

He mentioned that all those persons who are investors, they want to know that they will not have any problem.

“I am not saying anything about Ensenada, but it’s very important that all of them feel comfortable with investments that they make”, he pointed.


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