12:35 p.m.
Tuesday, 20 March 2018

The U.S. Consul in Tijuana visits Sempra

Ensenada, Baja California.- Amid the binational controversy that involves Sempra Energy, Susumo Azano, as well as their Mexican governments and on the other side of the boarder, Andrew S.E. Erickson, U.S Consul General in Tijuana, visited the installations of the Energía Costa Azul in Ensenada.

The diplomat noted the way in which the plant subsidiary of Sempra operates, and security measures comply with the highest standards.

About the conflicts with the municipal administration headed by Enrique Pelayo Torres, the diplomat responded that his perception is the conflict that is left in the past.

“I am sure that everyone, from both sides, understands what Sempra represents for Ensenada and for Baja California”’ he said.

Also, he was confident that there will be a way that Sempra can continue with its economic contribution to Baja California.

The consul declared that the fact that Sempra Energy invested more than billion dollars in Ensenada, it is primarily and fundamental for the attraction of investors.

When he referred to the safety issues, the diplomat Andrew Erickson talked about the necessity, on the part of the investors, of “a justice atmosphere, an environment where people know their rights are represented”.

He pointed out that if the investors do not feel completely confident that their rights will be represented, they will not invest here.

The Risk, Pelayo and Osuna

Different national and international media, have pointed Susumo Azano as “a risk” in the bilateral relationship between U.S. and Mexico.

Azano Matsura, is the buyer of the litigation that keeps Ramon Eugenio Sanchez Ritchie for the fields of Sempra.

The bank account where 2 million dollars came out corresponds to Susumo Azano, according to the mayor Enrique Pelayo, by “mistake” those 2 million dollars were deposited in the back account of his son. The relationship and meetings of the mayor of Ensenada with Susumo Azano to discuss the issue of Sempra Energy, were recognized by the Japanese business owner in an interview published in The San Diego Union Tribune.

Recently, the 24hr Newspaper made public the information of the Department of Homeland Securty (DHS), which together with intelligent agencies of the U.S., described that Azano even financed the campaign that led to José Guadalupe Osuna Millán become a governor.


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