12:40 p.m.
Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Congress of Baja California approved a Credit Line for Mexicali for nearly 400 million of pesos

By Armando Nieblas


Mexicali, Baja California.- With 16 votes in favor, 3 against and one abstained, full session of the Congress of the State of Baja California approved the credit application for around 398 million pesos, carried out by City Council of Mexicali.

President of Comision de Hacienda y Presupuesto, Rosana Soto Agüero pointed that were authorized 397 million 745 thousand pesos that will be invested in pavement, rehabilitation of roadways, parks, community centers and other works.

She explained that delay of Legislators on the endorsement of the credit line was because City Council realized modifications of the original proposal of January 22nd and they were waiting for documentation. After all, Deputies considered that the City Council of Mexicali has the financial capacity to acquire this Credit Line: “This was because the City Council presented as guaranteed present and future federal involvements that receives the Municipality and which are more than enough to endorse the ability to pay of the City Council.”

Rosana Soto explained that finantial institutions consider as guarantee federal contributions on codition that obtain the consent of the Congress, because Department of Planning and Finance is whose going to make a reduction of participants. On the other hand, deputie of Partido Accion Nacional (PAN) Gustavo Magallanes regretted the way that Credit Line was approved for Municipality of Mexicali because it was not enough analized.

“In less of two minutes was approved by Deputies of PRI a credit for 398 million pesos for the City Council of Mexicali, and we considered as refrettable the ways, it is supposed to be analyze with responsibility and on its case, approved it. ” He said.

The Legislator of PAN mentioned that with this credit line, Major Perez Tejada practically triples the Municipal Debt during his administration, because he received the City Council with around 500 million pesos and now is estimated in one thousand 400 million pesos that will be pay till 2033.

He pointed out that is a irresponsibility to permit the indebtedness to Mexicali because it has 7 months aproximately to exercise those resources and total of the credit represents the half of the total finances of the Municipality.

“Works that he did not do in 2 or 3 years, he wants to do them in 7 or 8 months and is not government with full responsibility and to see for the interest of citizens.”He mentioned.

Magallanes added that the Municipality has a debt with Banobras of 778 million pesos and counts with an indirect debt of CUMM that has a credit with COFIDAN for 70 million pesos.

Besides it has registers two short term credit contract with Banco Interacciones, one for 50 million pesos and others for 70 million pesos and this amount expires in 2013, for this reason, Public Debt would be of 365 million pesos aproximately.

The motion made by the City Council of Mexicali to Congress is divided in 3 sections: Facilities and Urban Equipment with 109 million 195 thousand pesos, Facilities and Road Equipment with 238 million 857 thousand pesos and last section is Machinery, Equipment and Systems with 49 million pesos.

In different works and community facilities is considering investments of 19 million pesos; in construction and rehabilitation of areas, sports infrastructure, schoolar infrasctructure, parks and gardens with 20 million pesos, in public spaces 18 million 200 thousand pesos, whereas cultural infrastructure 4 million 300 thousand pesos.

The credit considers 25 million pesos for rehabilitation of Historical Center and 5 million pesos that will be invested in the construction and rehabilitation of municipal facilities, for example, development centers. Respect to the second phase of sports center is contemplated an investment of 30 million pesos nad it consists on instalation of parking lots, fields, sidewalks, electrical instalations, games, stands, etc. City Council included invest 72 million 580 thousand pesos in paving projects in different neighborhoods of the city and its valley; besides of 45 million pesos for the second phase of rapid transit system. In the project presented is contemplate that totally of works are implemented in 2013, before the actual Administration finished.


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