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Saturday, 17 February 2018

It will be hard to get back to employment levels of 2007: Maquiladora of Mexicali

Mexicali, Baja California.- Because of global economical problems, it will be hard that Baja California get back to the employment levels of 2007, considered the President of Maquila Association of Mexicali A.C. (by its initials un Spanish: AMMAC) José Luis Fletes.

The President of AMMAC pointed that before of 2008, markets are not the same that in the present time and for that reason is going to be complicated to recover the more than of 33 thousand of delay employments that Maquila industry has.

“We are not going to recover all the lost jobs, is definitely impossible, the economy levels are very different now, and if we are talking about the numbers of 2007 to current numbers, we are going to obtain that quantity of employment that are not recovered, I am totally agree”, he said.

According to figures disclosed by National Institute of Statistics and Geography (by its initials in Spanish: INEGI), Maquila industry in the State counts with 33,183 employers less that has registered before of the Great Recession, this means that the total number of employed persons was placed in 232,045 on January of 2013 when in October of 2007 stood in 265,228.

José Luis Fletes said that in addition to financial problems, any evidence of insecurity in the United States will have repercussions in the world, for example the recent attack to Boston.

Thereon, the President of AMMAC pointed that he expect do not have a big impact because of this attack, like border closures and as result the slowness at border crossings at the time of realize an importation.

On the other side, INEGI make public that Mexicali leaded on January the job creation on Maquila industry, when it registered 1253 of employers, followed by Tijuana with 1124 employers. But Tecate and Ensenada reported a decrease in the indicator, with a loss of 103 and 625 jobs respectively.

About this, Jose Luis Fletes recognized that are generating employees, however, some companies have a lot of movement quantities, and this is causing that the number of employers reduce and they do not hire new personal, and that is causing negative numbers.

“The generating of employment is real, but there is an issue of temporariness that decrease, the numbers that we have pointes employment generation, but also have been low employment rates…if we are talking about net numbers there is no economic growth, but there is employment generation” he said.

He added that for the second quarter of the year, they expect positive net numbers, and for that reason the goal still remains the same: by the end of 2013, generate more of 3 thousand jobs.

However, President of AMMAC mentioned the fact that Mexicali is the leader in generation of employment on Maquila industry of Baja California is a good news, and that suggests that final numbers will be positives, on condition that structural reforms being in accordance and increase the incentives to the sector.


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