12:31 p.m.
Tuesday, 20 March 2018

A polite promisse from French investors to Baja California governor

Paris, France.- It was more of a courtesy visit than a business meeting, the delegates of the Mexican state of Baja California led by its governor, Guadalupe Osuna Millán, barely took a polite expression of interest from French companies led by Vranken Pommery, to invest in his state.

And for example, with sales declines during two consecutive years: 2011 of 6.8% and in 2012 of 4.0%, Pommery, Champagne producer, for now he is more interested in recovering his sales, which in 2010 ascended to 364.4 million euros and 2012 declined to 326.1 million euros, due to the delicate economic situation in Europe and the other barely emerging economies abroad.

In the meeting held on the premises of Pommery, the delegation also toured inside the company to know how to perform the manufacturing process, packaging and storing. Vranken Pommery has a market share of 10 percent on Champagne houses and manages approximately 48% of turnover generated abroad, with 20.6 million bottles of champagne and bottles of 2 million units sold Porto, from 71.00 acres of grapes in Champagne supply, Camargue, Provence and Portugal, where 893 employees work.

While at the meeting the president of the region of Champagne - Ardenne, Jean Paul Bachy said his community's entrepreneurs besides Pommery, they are interested in working in the region of Baja California, it was clear that this was more of a courtesy than real interest, since 2008 French entrepreneurs are more concerned with rescuing and maintaining their business amid by the economic turmoil that lived first full international economy and now fully exploded in the Eurozone.

Although Osuna presented what he considers the benefits of his organization, such as proximity to the U.S., the investment figures in France in the period of Osuna are clear example of the situation, in as much as in five years barely reached 7.6 million dollars, with $ 300,000 dollars divestments, according to data from Mexico's Secretariat of Economy, which accounted for 0.2% of total foreign investment between 2008 and 2012.

The economy minister of that entity, Alejandro Mungaray Lagarda, tried to impress the people present by saying that "so far the government administration headed by Osuna Millán, have attracted 2.000 million pesos of high value-added companies", but a mischievous calculator that brought one of these showed a poor sum of 125 million euros, giving an average of 25 million euros per year, which compared with Pommery income of over 300 million euros a year, was rather painful.

One of those who attended the meeting recalled the "good times of investments" of Europeans to Baja California, which included that of Thomson Multimedia, where as part of the program called Tiger, designed to extend the overall position of the company, invested 200 million dollars for a plant in Mexicali, where they produced four thousand 31 in. TV or Legris in Tijuana for a million dollars.

The committee that included the communication director of that Mexican entity, Mario Palacios, sent a newsletter in which he said that he will follow up what he talked about here, but when the people who attended inquired about the time remaining to the current administration and notice that there are only six months, his attitude was more about waiting for the new government and dismissed the large group of companions that travel with politician from Baja California that tomorrow will visit Spain.


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