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Saturday, 17 February 2018

A deep recession and a historic unemployment rate; that is what find the team of Osuna in Europe: To what do they go?

Tijuana Baja California.- A few months of administration of the Government of Guadalupe Osuna Millan conclude, the governor will make a new travel to Europe and, according with his team to communication media, he expected more investment and employment generation.

However, it looks like that the Governor’s Economical Cabinet do not told him that in this travel to Europe, they will find a deep recession, with the higher unemployment rates of the history and a manufacturing sector that is in free falling and is not a guarantee of good results.

Furthermore, Center of Economical Studies of Tijuana (by its name in Spanish: Centro de Estudios Económicos de Tijuana) in its recently study about foreign direct investment (by its initials is Spanish: IED) in Baja California, it points that during the administration of Guadalupe Osuna, European continent has not distinguished by its investments because in five years he introduced 177.7 million dollars, and in exchange, he took outside from the State 88.9 million dollars.

Economical recession stopped flow capitals from Europe loosing importance of the total in foreign direct investment in the entity, where it contributes only with 4 percent of the total against 93 percent of United States, despite of being the flashpoint of the economical recession of the world, this country remained injecting capitals.

In fact, in 2012, Baja California registered the less foreign direct investment of the last decade, with a little bit more of 590 million dollars, but in addition, the most part of the capital was destined for reinvestments, being a minimal part something new.

According with the report of Center of Economical Studies of Tijuana, Holland made the higher capital withdrawal with more of 35 million dollars.

The countries to be visited are: Spain and France, in five years injected 54.9 and 7.6 million dollars respectively, numbers that are not in compare with rates from United States and according to collected data by Center of Economical Studies of Tijuana on the National Register of Foreign Investment (by its name in Spanish: Registro Nacional de Inversión Extranjera; RNIV).

Actually, the economical ticket to Paris or Madrid from Mexicali has a cost of 22 thousand pesos and a tourist class hotel has a cost of three thousand pesos, so make your count for the entire package and include the food that are not cheap in that cities and other supplies and then, we should evaluated the convenience of making a travel like this and at this stage of the administration, when no one can guarantee to investors a continuity.

Europe is a continent affected by a strong economical crisis and CETT is asking itself: To what do they go?


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