12:33 p.m.
Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Tijuana inflation exceeds the national one.

By Oscar Tafoya

The inflation in Tijuana city growth 0.11 percent in March, according to figures released by The National Institute of Statistic and Geography (INEGI by its acronym in Spanish).

In that sense, the indicator reported a marginal increase compared to the previous month when it stood at 0.10 percent.

As it faced the city's monthly data with the national statistics, Tijuana was above the 0.06 percent overall. It is noteworthy that the generics with the largest increases to the overall variation of Tijuana were: chicken (5.5 percent), corn (4.44 percent), detergents (0.96 percent), regular gas called "magna" (0.94 percent), plus gas called "premium" (0.48 percent) and milk (0.18 percent).

Of the eight items that make up the National Index of Consumer Prices, five of them increased their monthly variation as compared to the general variation: food, beverages and cigarettes with 0.20 percent; clothing, footwear and accessories with 0.30 percent; furniture, appliances and accessories with 1.33 percent; Transportation with 0.81 percent and education and entertainment with 0.25 percent.

The other three items showed the following records: Housing with -0.31 percent, Health and personal care with -0.65 percent and other services with -0.33 percent.

Moreover, on annualized data Tijuana got 3.05 percent, a higher rate compared to the 2.19 percent that showed last year in the same period of time.

In the annual comparison with the national inflation, the city stood below the 3.73 percent which was reported by the rest of the country. (Translated by Abigail Oviedo).


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