1:22 p.m.
Saturday, 17 February 2018

Los Angeles Times censorship registration of illegal immigrants

By Ruben Vela


The two-party effort to register the undocumented immigrants in California is unconstitutional, published Los Angeles Times.

“The immigration is a federal problem that needs a federal solution” – LA Times added. The newspaper raised the bipartisan proposal led by Assemblyman Felipe Fuentes (District of Sylmar) and Madrid Mike, a former political director of California Republican Party.

The proposal is called Opportunity and Prosperity Act or COPA, and may be presented on the November ballot. The proposal would allow undocumented immigrants who have been in the state since 2007, have no criminal record, speak English, are employed and pay taxes to join a state immigration registry.

“In the end, COPA like SB1070 in the state of Arizona is an unconstitutional attempt made by the state to control immigration but it isn’t the right vehicle for that message” pointed out The LA Times which also insisted that the proposal that would give to the undocumented immigrants who fulfill the requirements, a low priority for deportation, “is well-intentioned”.

“But in terms of immigration, the state should not be who handle this situation”, the diary also made the warning that this proposal could in fact be used to target people for deportation. (translated by Abigail Oviedo).


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