12:39 p.m.
Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Mitt Romney Is Nominated as Republican Candidate for President

Los Angeles, California.-Republicans have nominated former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney for president, setting the stage for a close contest against President Barack Obama.

In a roll call of states Tuesday, delegates from New Jersey gave Romney enough for the official nod, giving him the prize that eluded him four years ago in his first bid for president. Romney is scheduled to accept his party's nomination in a speech Thursday night.

The delegates nominated Mr. Romney six hours after he arrived in Tampa and just as Hurricane Isaac was getting ready to strike the Gulf Coast.

Delegates from all US states and territories convened to pledge their votes to the former Governor of Massachusetts.

He will challenge Barack Obama in November's presidential election.

Recent opinion polls show Mr Romney and the Democratic president neck and neck in a tight race.

Mr Romney needed to attract at least 1,144 delegates' votes to secure his party's nomination.

He was chosen in a lively voice vote during which state delegates called out their team's allocation of votes.


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