12:43 p.m.
Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Inadmissible against Sempra Energy demand for tax evasion

Ensenada, Baja California.- The Attorney-General and the Procurator Fiscal, rejected as inadmissible the exercise of a criminal action against Sempra Energy, by an alleged tax evasion, derived from a complaint filed against Carlos Ruiz Sacristán and others, reported through a press release.

Sempra Energy was reported in the bulletin that these two dependencies rejected accusations that Felipe Ruanova made against the firm: "in relation to various complaints against Sempra Energy, Carlos Ruiz Sacristán, Luis Téllez and other counselors and officials of the company, by Felipe Ruanova before the Procurator Fiscal's Office and the Attorney General of the Republic, federal authorities finally determined last November 28 - official letter SEIDF/0618/2012-which does not exist any element to proceed against the company and the people who were falsely involved in these complaints.

Therefore, the authorities have discarded unfounded, slanderous and reckless accusations which were subject the company and various people".Sempra Energy also means that such accusations are part of a smear campaign begun by Ramón Sánchez Ritche and therefore the gas reported that it filed criminal complaints against what he called attempts at extortion and defamation.


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